Hugh Grigg


  1. Unix Fizz-Buzz one-liner
  2. The majority can be above average
  3. Clipboard hygiene
  4. Streaming a CSV file from the database in Laravel
  5. Allow a Django command to use a file or stdin / stdout
  6. Django model field choices with an inner class enum
  7. PHP Business Time library v1.0.0
  8. Cartesian products in Bash
  9. Blackjack CLI game
  10. Dates for booleans
  11. Nordic APIs OAuth Workshop, Amsterdam June 2017
  12. Auto-printing shipping labels with Laravel, Raspberry Pi and AWS
  13. Survivorship Thinking
  14. Algorithm Design Exercise 1-28
  15. Algorithm Design Exercises 1
  16. Getting started with Teach Yourself CS: Algorithms and Data Structures
  17. Simplicity is a skill
  18. Scalar type declarations in PHP 7
  19. Always lint
  20. Boring considered beneficial
  21. Simple pipes with PHP generators
  22. Using a real facade pattern in Laravel to encapsulate common behaviour
  23. PHP's list() is asking for a class
  24. Chinese strftime
  25. Optimised image handling with AWS and Laravel
  26. Selecting the last grid row in CSS
  27. Keep controllers thin
  28. Validating URLs with the DOM
  29. Specification driven development
  30. Making random memorable passwords with bash
  31. Improving Unix-fu with Anki
  32. Using Wget for recursive downloads
  33. That code is ugly for a reason
  34. Using Gulp asset versioning with Hugo data files
  35. The observer pattern and side effects
  36. Learning vocabulary on the command line
  37. Initial commit


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